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Santorini Flying Dress: Your Dream Photoshoot Experience

Are you looking for a unique way to capture your vacation memories in Santorini? Look no further than Santorini Flying Dress! We specialize in creating unforgettable photoshoot experiences for our clients using our signature flying dresses.





1-2 hours (approx. 15 minutes/person)




2-3 hours (approx. 15 minutes/person)

13-16 PERSON



3-4 hours (approx. 15 minutes/person)

and more

On demand



helping to make the dress fly​

Full edited pictures

8-10 per person​

(included 1-2 group photos)

All photo previews

within 10 days after the photoshoot

Terms of editing

up to 30 days (since our team gets the final selection from the whole group)​

Dress: 1 plain dress per person

Upgrade it to ombre dress +€50
Upgrade it to fluffy or glitter dress


Read this
before booking

Each participant will receive individual photos. Group photos can be arranged upon request. Please notify the photographer and manager in advance for proper organization. Group photos will be taken at the beginning or end of the photoshoot.

The group needs a coordinator (who may not need to be on the island). The coordinator's responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating shoot details before the photoshoot

  • Signing the contract and paying the deposit

  • Managing coordination on the day of the shoot

  • Distributing photo previews to the group, collecting selected pictures from each member, and distributing the final photos


Photo editing will commence only after all participants have made their selections.

To book a contract, we require a list of participants' names along with their clothing sizes and dress choices.

Due to the narrow streets of Santorini, it is impractical to shoot groups larger than 3-5 people at once. Large groups can disrupt both the participants and nearby hotel guests. Therefore, the group must be divided into smaller parts of 3-5 people. Once one part has finished, the next part will begin. Group photos will be taken at the beginning or end of the photoshoot.

To save time, you can schedule 2 or 3 parallel photoshoots with different photographers. Each photoshoot will be billed separately.

The number of participants includes all individuals who want to be photographed individually (both men and women).

Do you want to order an individual photoshoot?


Private terrace in Imerovgili (Villa's balcony)
+ €50
Horse for photoshoot
+ €230
Retro car
from €300
Helicopter tour (20 min flight)
+ €990
Change dress in package to ombre dress
+40 €
Change dress in package to 2nd Category dress (Glitter or Cloudy)
+60-80 €
Extra whole plain dress
+100-110 € each
Extra glitter or cloud dress
+160-180 € each
Make up and Hairstyle
290 € (early start before 8АМ +50 €)
150 €
Make up
150 €
Short slo-mo video for Insta
50 € (75 € clip with music)
All photos in RAW format
+150 € ( all photos in JPEG -90 euro )
Maintaining privacy (all publications will be prohibited)
+200 €
Extra fast editing within 7 days
+150 €
Next day editing 5 photos
75 €
70 € for order and delivering for the shoot + baloons price
Transfer shuttle
from 45 € for one side



Payments available:

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