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Frequently asked questions


What type of service
do you provide?

We provide full covered service like photography, dress renting, make-up and hairstyle, transferring etc.


Do you work legally?

Yes, we have legally registered company in Greece, which is located in Santorini, Karterados, 84700 PO.

You can request all information about VAT, consult via mail We pay all taxes in Greece and work accordingly with effective Greek statute.


How long have you been having experience in photography?

We have 12 years’ experience in different photo styles like weddings, portraits, love story, fashion etc. Since 2015 we have been having flying dress photoshoot and know all secret spots and corners in Santorini.


How can I arrange for payment? Do you provide any guarantees for payment?

The payment is accepted via Pay pal, Master card, Visa, Apple pay, G-pay and by cash. Invoice will be provided after photoshoot.

The deposit is usually about 30-50% of the total amount (it depends on the type of package)

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What time is recommended for the flying dress photoshoot?

We recommend the morning time up to 11 AM and the afternoon time after 3 PM (12 AM- 3 PM we have a hot weather and the light is not appropriate). There’s a bright blue sky, perfect sea shades in the morning and soft light and it’s closer to sunset in the afternoon – perfect time.​


Where will I meet my Santorini photographer?

We usually have some point of contact for you and your photographer, this information will be provided 1-2 days before photoshoot. In case if your hotel is not far from the photography spots, a photographer can meet you up in your hotel.​


What about flying dress size and how can I be sure that it will fit me?

Santorini flying dress sizes are flexible and fit to many body types. Dresses have 2 size options from XS-M (US 0-10) and L-XXL (US 12-18), they are adjustable. Moreover, if you have 1-2 months before photoshoot, we can create some particular flying dress especially for you.


May I organize a flying Santorini dress photoshoot with my boyfriend or husband?

Yes, sure. It will be the same price and we’ll help you to create unforgettable memories from your unbelievable vacation from the most romantic island in the world.​

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Do you organize flying dress photoshoots for groups?

Of course, we do. It’s one more way for having incredible photos with your family or group.

We have some group fee for it (you can request this information via our manager).


When will I receive my Santorini flying dress photos?

First 5-10 pictures you will have during 1-2 weeks after final payment or photoshoot.

Ordinary term is 30-45 days for all pictures within photoshoot or final payment.

We choose photos by ourselves, because when we are taking photos, we know exactly what way we are going to edit them. You can request pictures for your choice in the web resolution.


Where can I find your cancelation policies, terms and conditions for flying dress photoshoot?

You may check our cancelation policies , terms and conditions in our website page and before the checkout process for payments. All deposits are non-refundable, because we secure some date and time for you, and it gives some guarantee for you and for us either.

But we can keep your deposit for rescheduling a new date if you need it.

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